Konkan Kayaks - Story

Who knew that someone who bought a second hand kayak from OLX will eventually end up starting a kayak manufacturing Factory.

Hi, My name is Sushant aka kayakboy. I am writing this website sitting in my hotel room, while progress is being made to start my own kayak manufacturing Factory.

I started my kayak club way back in 2016. In 2016 the word "kayak" was alien to most of the public. Now, in 2021 good amount to young public are aware of this sports. I personally have introduced kayaking to around 5000+ people through my kayak club

Mulki kayak club have grown to become India's biggest kayak club and is destined to become world biggest kayak club if it continue to grow with the same pase

During the process of running the club for around 5 years. I have bought all kind of kayaks. I own kayaks from New-zeland, China, India and United States.

Once an individual get to know the kayaks more and more they realize that no kayak is perfect. Each kayak come with its pro's and cons. So the question is can we make a perfect kayak?

We can't make a perfect kayak. Each kayak is designed with a specific purpose in mind.

There are kayak for very beginners which is mostly sit-on-top flat water kayak. These kayaks are designed to have maximum stability. These kayaks compromise on the speed to provide maximum stablity in the water

There are kayaks for sea. Most of the sea kayaks are sit-in kayaks. These kayaks are more advance and have better speed compared to sit-on-top kayaks above.

Also as kayaks advances towards a professional kayaks, it mostly starts to get lighter, faster, and requires more maintainace and care.

Right now With this new company My plan is to create a sit-on-top tendem kayak which is fast, stable, comfortable, easy to use, beautiful and strong.

When you buy a kayak from my company you support a company whose purpose is not just profit, but also to constantly strive to produce the best possible kayaks. My company will continue to experiment and evolve to make the top quality kayaks for everyone's need.